Fifty years of being open.

Join us as we explore and celebrate our past, present, and future.


Fifty years of being open.

Join us as we explore and celebrate our past, present, and future.


הֹדוּ לַה' כִּי-טוֹב

Join us for SAR's 50th Anniversary Dinner

A Celebration of
Our Spectacular Journey
Our Devoted Community
and All Things SAR!


50 Spectacular Stories

Our 50-year history is made up of the thousands of stories and tales of individuals who have left an indelible mark on our community, and they encompass the special programs and initiatives--in our school with no walls--that are forever part of the fabric of SAR.

Our story recognizes the visionary role of our founders, community leaders, and long-standing supporters.

Spectacular Futures Campaign

As SAR experiences life at 50 and plans for the future, we need to transform key spaces to serve the needs of our students, faculty, and our mission. Our projects to improve our campus, appropriately mark the 50th anniversary.

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Our Story

Over five decades ago, leaders in the Riverdale and Bronx Jewish communities had the vision to combine Yeshivat Rabbi Israel Salanter, Akiba Hebrew Academy, and the Riverdale Hebrew Day School into one school to serve the Jewish community and surrounding areas. Throughout that time, SAR has remained steadfast in its mission, values, and commitment to offering an enriching Modern Orthodox Jewish educational experience to our students and their families.


Evolution of the SAR Logo

Learn more about how our unique visual identity came into being.


This is a special milestone in SAR's history. 

This year will provide the opportunity to honor and celebrate where we've been, who we are today, and what's ahead for our future.

At the Academy, SAR's 50th anniversary will be the theme of the year and at SAR High School, the anniversary milestone will be acknowledged and celebrated throughout the year at various events and programs.